Designed works realization

Projecting of Gas distribution stations (GRS), centres of technological and commercial stocktaking of natural gas, systems of automatic GRS and compressor stations, systems of connection and telemechaniсs of different dificulty.

Erecting and building works realisation

  • replacing and reconstruction of gas stocktaking centres on GRS and GIS( installation of counter, sensors and replacing of stright accurate parts, correctors and calculators, chronographs and places of gas selection and etc);
  • replacing and installation aggregate and shop stoacktaking of gas on KS;
  • erecting aggregate system and shop general station automatics KS, erecting of automatics system GRS;
  • erecting of multicomputer system;
  • erecting of system of conference circuit, system of distance operator notification;
  • introduction of remote control of crane area and centres;
  • replacing of cathode protection system of gas pipe line, automation cathode protecting system;
  • replacing odorisation system of nature gas ( installation of automatic odorisators, capacity for odorisators saving, systems of neutralization odorisators steam);
  • completion of works for checkup and diagnostic innertubing stud of compressor plants with help of remotely operated robot;
  • major repairs ( restoration) of main gas pipe line.

Equipment delivery

  • Installation of reserve parts to aggregate GTK- 10 and GTK-25;
  • producing and installation of odorisator arragements which were produced together with German compony Lewa GmbH;
  • producing and delivery capacity of saving odorant and stainless steel gas condensate;
  • producing and installation neutralization system of odorator steam of injection type;
  • producing and installation filters of gas separators;
  • producing and installation stright parts GOST 8.586;
  • producing and installation turbo aggregators inhalers;
  • producing and installation bloc boxes heated with temperature control for distribution pretentious equipment;
  • producing, installation, erecting of crane centres control(introduction of remore control).

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