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Designed building erecting work, equipment and other delivery for needs of structural elements of enterprises of fuel power branch


years on the Ukraine market

Reliable, qualified partner in productioin and economical relationships

Nowdays there is a command of high qualified workers on our enterprise, that working with modernisation of gas centres, automatics of tehnical process, gas distribution and compressor stations and other objects until turnkey installation from projecting works until exploitation. Works are provided on the grounds of essential licences of Ukraine State Сommittee of building and architecture and permit on completion of works of increased danger.

The enterprise has a serificate on control system with quolity ISO 9001:2009.

Our engineers cooperate tight with technical personal Ukrtransgas, profile designed institutions of gas transport, with the aim of modest elaborations introduction, servise and garantee facilities impoving , modernisation of outmoded equipment.

Our clients

Our organization arrange all neccesary technical resources for succesful realisation of project in a odorisation sphere.

We have lots of our elaborations for gas industry with experience of succesful introduction and exploitation.

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Our organization is a official .representative of compony LEWA Pumpen GmbH, it is a compony thats working in a odorisation sphere more than 30 years and it is an Europian leader.
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Our partners are such enterprises as Fakel company and Druzhkovka factory and others.
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Compony spesialists were styding and had probation period on enterprises LEWA Pumpen GmbH and have right on erecting works and ogranisation of starting works and also garantee and post garantee servise.
The enterprise has its own production base based on Kyiv test mechanical factory in Vita Pochtova( Kyiv suburb) and also offices in Kyiv and Vita Pochtova.

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